6 thoughts on “Where are they now?

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  2. I was asked by Merinda Epstien well over 10 years ago to arrange a two day training of the KiT in Perth WA
    I booked for free St John of Gods Hospital function rooms refreshments included free.
    It was a sucssefull two days. I went on to run kit training in university’s and other. This is a tool that has dropped of the radar and I believe is a great resource start for peers who are coming into the consumer movement could be valuable infomation for not only themselves but for someone to advocate for themselsves.
    I do very little in the consumer movement now after over 20 years many of us have left due to the realising so many of our ideas being colonised by the system. As soon as a new slogan comes out like Recovery it gets morphed into something that looks unrecognisable to what we had first visualised much the same as peer support has. I wonder what the next jargon will be what buzz word will be on the agenda ? what will be the cost ? who will be making the money out of it ? and who will be jumping into the “mosh pit” ? so to speak.


  3. Post script it was the “LEMON LOONING BOARD GAME” that is based on open dialogue. (not the KIT that i mentioned in the previous email.) VIMIAC Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council i believe has some of these games still.


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